Maximize the true value of your NFTs through the Nifty Marketplace.

Make and sell your NFTs on Nifty, similar to other marketplaces like Rarible. The difference? We automatically lock some #ETH value.

How does it work?

Use the Nifty decentralized application to create your own NFT and list it in our marketspace. If anyone buys it, 50% of its value gets locked while the seller gets the other 50%.

The buyer can also relist it with the the 50% ETH value. If anyone buys it, the new owner now has an NFT with 50% the value they paid in #ETH PLUS the 50% that was also previously locked!

Ultimately, the 50% locking mechanism helps NFT owners sell their NFTs. By locking up some ETH, NFTs eventually gain their true value. It also helps the community remove spam NFTs.

Are there perks to NFT creators who hold $NIFTY coins?

If you own some $NIFTY, instead of getting just 50% of the #ETH value of the NFT you created, you could get up to 70% as incentive!

What if I can't sell my NFT?

There is a maturing period for the locked #ETH. Depending on how much $NIFTY you hold, that may range anywhere from two to six years. If you can't resell your NFT, you just get back the #ETH value that it holds at the end of the maturing period.

Why should I choose the Nifty Marketspace?

Aside from maximizing the true value of your NFTs, our model is resilient against market crashes.

During a bear market, Nifty NFTs will always have some ETH backing them. It also encourages NFT purchases during the next bull run, eventually bringing in more people into crypto, even after a bubble collapse.

Sounds great! Where can I find out more?

If you have any more questions, send us an email at [email protected]!

We also post regular updates on twitter and our telegram channel!

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